• Offered through MedRisk – a physician risk management education source. 

  • If this is your first year in the program, you should select “Risk Management Essentials for Physicians, Second Edition.”
  • If this is your second or greater year in the program and if you have already completed Risk Management Essentials for Physicians, Second Edition, you may meet your risk management requirement by selecting any combination of courses that add up to 10 credits from the “Spotlight on Patient Safety” series, the “Risk Management Consult” series, the “Risk Management Focus” series, and the “Risk Management Rounds” series.  The Rounds course should be in your specialty if listed.  If not, choose one of the other courses.  Note:  You must register for all of the selected courses at one time to ensure that you will meet the 10-credit requirement.

If you have successfully completed a MedRisk® course in the past, you may NOT register again for the SAME course, and will NOT receive CME credit or malpractice premium credit for such registrations.

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  • 10 Category I CME credits

  • Cost $125, to be paid by the provider

  • All providers must successfully complete the credits within 8 months after effective date, or coverage will not be offered at respective renewals.

NOTE:  If you are an ER physician, the above does not apply.  In the alternative, contact your facility’s course administrator to register and obtain a user I.D. and password.  The ER Department manager will be able to identify the designated course administrator.  Once registered, the courses can be easily accessed through the HCII website, www.healthcareindemnity.com, by clicking on the link, “Emergency Services Education via The Sullivan Group.”  If you have already registered, you must complete 8 hours within 8 months after your effective date or coverage will not be offered at renewal.


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